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Highly reliable, torque dense cycloidal speed reducers with 500% momentary shock load capacity.

Parallel shaft, helical gearbox with Cycle reducer input.

HSM reducers are available with hollow shaft or CEMA screw conveyor drive shaft options.

Compact right angle gearbox with patented all-steel Hyponic' gear technology.

Right angle, hardened steel, spiral bevel speed reducers with Cycle.

Right angle, hardened steel, spiral bevel speed reducers with Cycle.

The Paramax product line features double, triple, and quadruple reduction gearboxes.

These single stage drives are designed for multi-megawatt power ranges.

Robust design that offers versatility for different mounting positions.

Available in 19 different sizes with two, three, or four-gear stages, the P4 excels in low noise.

A first-class product! High radial and axial load carrying capabilities, with a dedicated vertical housing.

Seisa custom mill and gear drive products are fit for the most unique and challenging applications.

Precision planetary gear heads designed for maximum mounting flexibility and easy installation.

These low backlash servomotor speed reducers are based on the Cyclo' technology.

Featuring zero backlashes, minimal lost motion, and high torsional stiffness.

Sumitomo Drive Technologies (100% Subsidiary of Sumitomo Heavy Industries) offers a comprehensive lineup of premier power transmission products to keep customers' operations performing at their best, which includes the broadest range of the most reliable and highest quality speed reducers, geared motors, and large industrial gearboxes available in the industry. Sumitomo Drive Technologies has been trusted for over 130 years to provide quality products and innovative solutions to solve complex challenges. This rich history has made them a leading manufacturer of power transmission and control products in a wide variety of applications around the world.
Sumitomo trade names: Cyclo, Paramax, Hypnic, BuddyBox, Beier, Hansen, Hedcon, Seisa, Altax, Composer, Fortress

Hansen Industrial Transmissions, NV (HIT) has a rich background dating back to the 1950s when David Hansen revolutionized the design and manufacturing of standard gear units. HIT is experienced in providing complete engineered solutions for their customers with packages including gearboxes, couplings, motors, brakes, and base plates. HIT's product lines are customizable for unique market requirements, making them the ideal choice in heavy industrial applications. Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. acquired HIT in 2011 to expand on their large industrial gearbox product lines.

Seisa has nearly a century of manufacturing experience in highly customized gear drives, high- speed acceleration and reduction gears for compressors and turbine generators, mill drives for cement and coal, and gear couplings. The most demanding and carefully engineered products in the world are made by Seisa Gear. Seisa became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. in 2006.

Centrifuge drives by Sumitomo Drive Technologies are optimally suited for use in decanters and screen scroll centrifuges .

The Optidrive Eco enables efficient, reliable and quiet control of motors for ventilation and air conditioning systems and pump applications.

Angular gear, especially for cooling technology. Extended bearing spacing with heavy-duty roller bearings specially selected for strong shaft support.